The Rehome Toilet is a continuation of the Rehome Furniture collection. The project focused on a dry closet unit made using coated plywood in a fully automated process. An overall service is being developed for a dry closet to serve the expanding needs of outdoor events, crisis areas, and refugee environments, taking sustainable development objectives into consideration.

The concept is used to seek solutions for reducing the usage of plastic, preventing the spreading of enteric diseases, and improving the safety of sanitation solutions on refugee camps.


By Sara Auvinen and Tiia Jokinen

The unit is transported in a flat package and easy to assemble on site. It can also be delivered fully assembled. Bio-based plywood is not ever-lasting material, but it can be used as sensible, cost effective and environment friendly alternative in a sudden need.

Photos: Johanna Rontu, Joshua Cockroft & Sergei Pavlov

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